The Megadrives

The founders of Quantum Groove Records.¬†Since 2006, duo project of Ryan “K-Rai” Stinnett & Joe “Sheephead” Clark, specialize in live sets of impromptu jamming, also avid producers with multiple albums and remixes.


Michael Cobaria a.k.a. MicFreak: Over 15 years in music, multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer, dj, composer, & mastering engineer with chart topping originals & remixes.


Will S. a.k.a. Plaeground: prolific production, performance & over 10 years of electrodelic tribal futurebass. Also member of the live Electronic x Rock band Litz.

Veritech Pilot

Keith Preston a.k.a. Veritech Pilot: Always bringing cohesion to an eclectic grab bag of tastes for electronic music with original productions, remixes, & DJ sets.